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WELCOME!  Writing for children may seem like a straightforward task, but an author soon learns polishing your manuscript for submission is the beginning of finicky business. Finding perfect publishers for your children's story requires you to become your own literary agent!

Bookmark this page now because you will need to come back here to research publishers. With dedication, research, and consistent progress, you can realize your dream of publication.

For success you need to read about writing for children, submit to properly targeted publishers, and present yourself as a professional. If you read all of the How To pages in this site (there aren't that many), you will be ahead of the pack! If you are interested in taking a course to learn how to write for children, you might find it MUCH less expensive to purchase the Complete Curriculum For Becoming a Children's Writer, rather than spending several hundred dollars for one of the popular courses.   By reading these books before you begin submitting, you will gain critical skills that will help you get your first contract.

Best of luck with your writing and I hope this site, the tips within, and the resources we've provided will help you further your career as a children's writer.

Happy Submissions!

Also, please note: I am an author, not a publisher nor an agent, so I do not accept submissions of any kind.  Neither do I make recommendations regarding where to submit your manuscript. I wish you the BEST of luck in your publishing endeavors.  

May I suggest starting with:
How Do I Get Started Writing for Children?
Which Publisher Should I Submit To?
How do I find a critique group?
How do I find an Agent?

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